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Dennis explains and demonstrates the techniques of painting which enabled
me to produce oil paintings I didn't think possible, in a friendly relaxed
atmosphere. For anyone from beginner to experienced wanting to learn to
paint well I couldn't recommend Dennis's classes more highly.


Dennis is an extraordinary person with an amazing ability although he
takes little credit for his skill. After joining his class I found that
Dennis made learning very accessible to me although I lacked confidence he
kept reassuring and encouraging me until It started to come together he
delivers everything he promises and much more it has truly been a great
pleasure and an honour to study art with him and I hope I can continue for
many more years to come.

Roseanne Westwood .

I came along to Dennis’s studio about 9 months ago. I have never painted
or drawn in my life - didn’t even do art at school - and I thought I had
no talent at all.

Dennis has shown me that drawing, and painting, are processes, and if I
follow the rules he gives me, I can produce a really good quality
painting, in water colour, acrylics, and oil.

Now I not only paint at the studio but I have a room set aside at home for
painting. Best of all I was able to do some oil paintings of ‘Skylander’
toys my Grandson has and he was delighted with them! He has them hanging
on his bedroom wall!
So I haven’t just ‘learned to paint’; my whole life has been enriched!

Thanks Dennis.


Loving the class Dennis. Your tolerance of the extremely shortsighted and
untalented is fantastic!


I was nervous coming to an art class as I didn't know what to expect and
thought I'd have to be a good artist to begin with. I needn't have
worried. Dennis has created a relaxed learning atmosphere in his studio,
and stresses that drawing and painting are skills that can be learned -
it's not about being perfect! I've learned a great deal in his class as
well as meeting some lovely people. It's given me confidence and I'm very
glad I booked a second course of classes - Dennis is very knowledgable and
a brilliant teacher. If I'd been told six months ago I'd be painting a
Michaelangelo, I'd never have believed it. Thanks Dennis!


Paula x

My name is Rita Cherry and having come across Dennis's advert, I decided I
had to sign up for the 12 week course. I've always been able to paint and
when I saw Dennis teaching his students Renaissance studio techniques, I
was totally hooked.

Well this is now my 3rd (12 week course ) and I haven't missed a single
week - I thoroughly enjoy Dennis's methods and he encourages the students
to stretch themselves - I've witnessed some students who haven't painted
before come up with some really great canvasses at the end of their

As well as being a fantastic tutor, Dennis has a mischievous sense of
humour which lends to the relaxed atmosphere in his classes.

I only hope he doesn't decide to up sticks and go to pastures new as we
students would miss him terribly.

Rita x

Dennis you have inspired and given me great confidence that everything is achievable. If anyone had told me 12 weeks ago that I would be doing an oil painting with people in it, I would have said impossible, I had not drawn since being in high school when art was compulsory in year 1 and 2. I am even starting a piece at home! The help and advice that you give me is invaluable. Thanks to you, Dennis, I look at everything so differently and definitely do not stress quite as much as I did. I am going to continue with another course, so I think you will be stuck with this pupil for quite a while.



Hi Dennis

It is so obvious that you love to help people learn and your enthusiasm about art is infectious. As I started to say in the previous e-mail, I genuinely have learned much more that just the art, but have been inspired in lots of other ways just by spending time each week having a good blether while painting.

There are lots of people who call themselves teachers but don't actually know how to teach but you are surely blessed with the gift of teaching and can actually transfer your amazing skills. I am so delighted to at last find someone who teaches the fundamental techniques and artistry of painting. It feels like I am an apprentice being taught by a master painter. You make painting fun and interesting and most importantly - achievable.

Thanks for all your encouragement and endless patience.

Please don't think about moving away, it has taken me so long to find you!

I hope you will be my mentor for the foreseeable future and plan to continue lessons at your new studio.

Thanks a lot

I joined Dennis when he had his studio in Paisley. I initially joined for a 12 week course to learn how to paint in watercolour, something which scared me silly as I couldn’t control the paint!
From day one I found Dennis a fantastic teacher, patient and with a really good sense of humour. ( He needed it with me)
Not only did I learn to control the watercolour paint , I actually painted two recognisable pieces of art.
At the end of my 12 week course I had also painted an oil portrait of my daughter which was so good she had it on Facebook as her profile picture!
I couldn’t have achieved any of this without Dennis’ help – tutoring, cajoling and stretching me as an artist.
Since then its been onwards and upwards, with Dennis teaching me more and more techniques – giving me my head, reigning me in when needed, always positive, always successful.
This is the 3rd year I have been tutored by Dennis and have to admit that I have developed such a passion for painting. My only complaint being that I wish my family would let me keep at least one of my finished works !
Dennis, who is a very successful artist in his own right is also a very gifted teacher and has become a valued friend. Dennis makes art fun, a joyful past-time and a very rewarding one.

Barbara Turner

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